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“Callaghan is a wonderful artist. She is beautiful, warm and hugely talented. The reaction to her music on my radio programmes has been fantastic. I am proud to support her”
Bob Harris, Radio 2

"Callaghan was brilliant to work with in the studio. Her hard work and dedication to the music she writes is obvious. She has a classic voice that the whole world needs to hear."
Shawn Mullins, on working with Callaghan

"Callaghan has a stunningly beautiful voice – when I was judging Pop Idol I would have loved her to have walked through the door – but her talent goes further. With Callaghan’s gift for song-writing and performing I hope she goes far – she deserves to"
Neil Fox, Television and radio presenter

"…Switching effortlessly between guitar and piano…Callaghan immediately made an impression with one of the purest voices I have ever heard…taking us on a journey and making us believe she has lived every word she sang"
Maverick Magazine, Live gig review, Newcastle 2008

"Callaghan has an angelic voice that is both delicate and strong. It seems there is not much standing in the way of success for this artist"
John Allen, Senior Creative Director, Bug Music, Nashville

"Callaghan is really refreshing in today's vast pool of female talent"
Shelby K. Kennedy, Director, Writer-Publisher Relations, BMI, Nashville